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The 44th President of the United States - Inauguration Day. Some Thoughts.

Today was THE Day.
Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to watch live - so I've been catching up when I got home.

I loved Michelle's outfit - It had just the right touch. The girls outfits were adorable. Lovely bright colors.

The next thing that struck me - was how old everyone is - and I don't mean all the ex Presidents. I mean the leaders of the house. What a bunch of old fossils.

I didn't like the John Williams music piece called "Air and Simple Gifts." Yuck. I could've done better with ol' garageband. What were they thinking? Listen to it carefully - the piece in the middle is what I am objecting to. Just plain horrible. Bits in the beginning and the end were okay.

I got to see the swearing in gaffe - not Obama's fault. But Puhleese. Can't we find a Chief Justice that can memorize the swearing in?

I was just a little disappointed with Obama's speech - I guess I was expecting something really wonderful. It was just a little depressing - sheesh! Nothing like extinguishing all hope.

And then I had to stop watching with the poetry reading. What an awful poem! It didn't even sound good! What happened to poetry as art? Where are the words, and the pacing that paint the picture - a picture with words?? It was horrible. And I had to stop watching. I read one commenter who compares this poem to Vogon poetry. Vogon poetry is referred to in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy as the worst poetry in the galaxy. I would extend that to all known universes.

Look, don't get me wrong - Obama is my guy. I voted for him. I get that this is a historic occasion - the first black/ african american president. Yes, I feel choked - it is moving to watch the millions that thronged to the Mall. Great. Wonderful. But don't foist a terrible music piece and a god awful poem on me. Ugh.

And am I the only one, who feels just a little teensy weensy bit sorry for Bushie? He looked so completely relieved to be finally out of it all. (And let's be honest - Bushie was in way over his head for 8 extremely long years.)