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What if Global Warming was a bunch of hooey?

I have been deeply skeptical of the new religion called "Global Warming." Notice how instead of Global Warming, this new religion has morphed into "global climate change"? Now I am not denying that human activity especially unprincipled industrial activity has and can and will continue to have unless tightly regulated devastating effects on the environment. And by showing my skepticism for the New Religion I am not condoning flagrant and irresponsible use of the environment and our resources. I am no "Drill, Baby, Drill" Girl. I just don't like how the scientific community has been effectively silenced, that scientific dissent has been squashed. News flash idiots - science is always about testing, and dissenting. That's why its science and not religion. So when we get to a movement, that doesn't tolerate dissenting scientific opinion or study, then in my book, it ceases to become relevant. Here's an interesting article about how facts on the ground are simply not fitting into the neat "Global Warming" dogma.