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Debate #2

VP Debate

The one and only VP debate is over. I was dreading watching Sarah Palin - she has been quite cringe inducing. But I was pleasantly surprised. I thought she did good. Did she do enough to make me change my mind? No.
Joe Biden did well too - he managed to control himself, he came across as authoritative, experienced and rational. And no, he did not come across as patronizing. Palin did her folksy thing - which I think while charming can be annoying when overdone. I liked that Biden mentioned Kosovo and Darfur. I think he came across as strong on foreign policy. Actually I found the Veep debate more entertaining and interesting than the Obama/ McCain debate last week. Interesting.
I also think Biden did well on criticising McCain's voting record, and correcting Palin on some of her assertions. Of course the blogs will pick it apart, and make sure that he was accurate on some of his accusations. (Right now I am simply taking the debate on face value.)

I liked Biden's answer about when he had to change his view concerning supreme court justice picks. I found Palin's winking (she did it a few times) annoying. Once charming and sweet, twice - not. I got quite choked up listening to Biden talk about the loss of his wife and tragedy to his family. It made him seem more approachable.

Despite the flap over the moderator, I liked her. I thought she kept the debate moving along nicely, and didn't seem to want to share the spot light like some moderators we've seen.