Obama Campaign's Response to Palin Prose
Essential Reading for the November Elections

RNC - Cindy and John McCain

The battle of the first ladies is over. Michelle's speech was better. Cindy really needs to get coaching on how to deliver a good speech. And her speech writer should be fired. Overall impression - Cindy does come across as being nice. But she she stay away from policy talk. Use Laura Bush as her model. (In fact Michelle Obama could take some lessons from Laura Bush too.)

McCain's speech:

Unfortunately our TiVo died in the last couple of minutes - just when things were getting good. This speech was really a speech to the independents and other swing voters. No wonder the Republican base is nervous, and so delirious over Sarah Palin.

Here's what I like about it - He talked about reaching across the aisle, about changing the tone of our discourse. Very good. I was really very moved when he talked about how is experience as a POW, being in captivity, being tortured, changed him. If only McCain had been the nominee in 2000! I also think he has worked on his delivery. Short sound bites, nice breaks for the crowds to cheer him. I didn't like too much reference to Sarah Palin (I am still dubious about her.) The part that I watched, when he spoke about Palin - she seemed to get bigger cheers than McCain. (Cindy had the same response when she mentioned McCain.) I find that disturbing that the base is more excited about the VP than the actual nominee.

Jon Stewart's Daily Show, and the Colbert Report (2 very popular Comedy Central "fake" news shows.) are doing some wonderful stuff on the Conventions.