DNC Ends and McCain's VP Pick
Obama Campaign's Response to Palin Prose

Republican National Convention - OMG?! WTF?

So, like many I have been puzzled by McCain's VP pick. I mean exactly who is Sarah Palin? To me, it smacked of old boy paternalism. The media seemed crazed to pick to death meaningless details - such as Sarah Palin's teenage daughter's pregnancy - Who cares?

Tonight at the RNC we got a chance to see why McCain chose Sarah Palin over better more well known candidates.


I am impressed. And I didn't even want to be.

No wonder that Republicans and the Fox News talking heads are wetting themselves. She is certainly more exciting than the actual Presidential nominee. Sarah Palin is a new political star.

Now we just have to see how Sarah Palin holds up under vigorous media scrutiny over the next sixty odd days.

I can't wait for the debates. Bring it on!

One speech I didn't like was Rudy's. Very nasty tone. Not a dignified rebuttal of Obama's appeal. Palin has to be careful not to fall into the same trap.