Cape Cod, September 2008
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Preparing for the Elections- November 2008

Confession: I've TiVo'd the debate last Friday between Obama and McCain, but have not gotten around to watching it. My bad.
This week we have the Veep debate to look forward to: Biden vs Palin. I am not looking forward to watching Palin. She makes me cringe. Is it just me, or does she really sound so vacant about so many things except Alaska, and her family? One great thing about the Palin pick is now we know anyone can be a Veep, even me!

This week our election books arrived. USA elections are really different to what I've experienced in SA. Prior to the elections (held in April and November) the Colorado election commission sends out a booklet with every single ballot item, with the actual proposed text of the statute, as well as a thorough analysis with pros and cons of each. Remember this is just for the State of Colorado. Then we have the Federal portion - this is where we get to elect who we want for President. Then there is a portion that just deals with the County level (like a municipality) and then all the way down to the Town of Erie.

The ballot extends for pages and pages. Unlike in SA where you simply have to put your cross next to the symbol of the party you want and be done with it. Of course now we have to vote not on paper but electronically on "Auto Correction" devices.