Democratic National Convention, Denver, Day One
Republican National Convention - OMG?! WTF?

DNC Ends and McCain's VP Pick

Finally things here in Colorado are getting back to normal. Luckily I was not affected by the traffic nor the closure yesterday of the I-25 for Obama's historic acceptance speech. Kevin was shooting a wedding, so I watched the DNC on TiVO - with a bag of Cheetos and Peanut M&M's. I thought it was an amazing speech. But with someone like Obama I think we come to expect great speeches. I confess I too got swept up in the moment. I admit - I am quite giddy. I try not to be. After all, in November I get to participate in my first US Presidential election. Selecting someone to one of the most powerful jobs in the world needs to be serious business. It should not be motivated by giddiness.

So now the show business is over. Now I want details. I want Obama to tell me exactly what he intends to do if elected, and how is he going to do it. Give me some details. Please. Instead of speeches, I want debates. Lots of them. I need to compare and contrast. I need to see how Obama reacts when put on the spot. And please - Obama handlers make sure he is prepared. In some of the debates with Hilary I thought he came across as not being prepared, and almost annoyed that she was beating him.

As for Obama's choice of Biden for VP. I get that he is trying to give some balance to the ticket. Someone who would be suited to be Commander in Chief if needed. But why not Hillary? The old saying - keep your friends close and your enemies closer is applicable here. And so what if you can't stand one another? I can't believe that JFK liked Johnson, or Reagan actually liked Bush snr? So I think his choice of VP pick is wrong headed. But we shall see.

Now McCain. First off, I can't see myself voting for a guy who is yet to discover computers, or even know what "google" is. When I first heard of that McCain had selected a woman as VP I thought great!. But why Gov Palin of Alaska? If you are attacking Obama on the basis of his lack of experience and the fact that he is not ready to lead, why would you select a woman who definitely lacks experience and wouldn't be ready to lead? So therefore, the only reason you are selecting a woman, and this woman (and not a woman who is better qualified) is because all you are interested in is her gender.


I don't think I like that.

It's arrogant, and patronizing and very very paternalistic.

Republicans I am not stupid. I am not going to vote for someone solely because they are a woman. I want the best candidate for the job.

So McCain two thumbs down on your choice of VP.

If you are interested in learning more about Gov Palin go here.