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Zimbabwe -Where Everyone is a Millionaire

There has only been limited news coverage in the USA about the recent elections in Zimbabwe. The short of it is that Robert Mugabe Zimbabwe's life president is clinging to power despite the will of the majority of the people, who have amazingly withstood the most unbelievable brutality and violence by Mugabe and his goons. Most people with the means have already fled the country taking with them the much needed skills to repair this damaged nation.

Zimbabwe was a beautiful county. A country rich in natural resources. However 28 years of corruption, gross mismanagement and misrule have lead to a country starved and brutalized. Now, recent news reports indicate rising concerns of increased violence while the people wait for the election recount. (Results have been delayed by Mugabe in a last gasp effort to retain power.)

In Zimbabwe the hyper inflation makes everyone a millionaire.


But don't get too excited. 1 week ago this $10 Million Zimbabwe dollar note was equivalent to about $1 (one US dollar.)