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Battlestar Galactica (April 25)

This was a very cool episode.

I didn't blog about last week's episode because I couldn't believe that vacant eyed Callie got airlocked. Bad Tory.

What I liked about this episode is that it looked at how the Final 4 cyclons are dealing with this sudden and shocking identity crisis. Chief fraks up and just wants someone to tell him he frakked up. He seems to go beserk when they sympathise and call him "only human". What great irony. Tory is just scary. She seems to have embraced her new identity. It seems to have liberated her from normal (and moral) human constraints. Tigh is drawn to Six-in-the-Brig Aka Caprica Six. Beautiful scenes between Six, Tigh and Ellen (vision of). What is interesting is that Six and Athena don't seem to be able to recognize the new cylons. Interesting. Only the raiders could sense them. Fascinating. Very little on Kara and her band of merry men. Which is good. This episode didn't need it.

Baltar is as always excellent. I loved the scene where ChipSix has to literally lift him up to get pummeled by the marines who are blocking his quarters.

The scenes between Roslin and Adama - are great. There is such tenderness between these two crusty old warriors.