Battlestar Galactia - Season Premier
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Battlestar Galactica Season 4 Episode 2

I couldn't wait for the next episode of Season 4.

I think I am a bit disappointed.

The Starbuck / Roslin confrontation was okay. I really didn't expect Starbuck to be killed this early on, so the sound of the gun shot really didn't do much for me... I kind of guessed that Roslin would miss. The internal politics of the Cylons, and the mini coup that Six brings was mildly interesting. I wonder how this story line is going to play out - Cylons being "gods" and giving the Centurions "reason"? Playing "god" and taking away the Raider's reason.... Mmmm Methinks the Cylons are committing the same mistakes as mankind. When will they ever learn?

The best part of the entire episode was the scene with Baltar & Tory. And then all of a sudden in pops HeadBaltar. Hilarious. I love having Baltar around. He really brings in comic relief. He is such a lowlife.

I thought the fight between Adama and Roslin was great - two people being really cruel to each other. Yep. That's human nature alright.

The Lee farewell scenes were really over done. I felt it was just filling in the time.

And then Adama sends off Starbuck with Helo and a few people to go find Earth...

Come on now - I expect better than this.