Battlestar Galactica Season 4 Episode 2
Battlestar Galactica (April 25)

American Idol...

Poor Carly got voted off this week after deciding that "Jesus Christ Superstar" was more her. I thought her performance was awful - really screechy, and the back up singers seemed to over power her. Brooke seems destined for an onscreen nervous breakdown. But I still love her. I thought it was dangerous to stop and then restart the song. I spent the entire song in clenched nerve mode. I thought that David C's performance was wonderful. The guy can sing. I started off the season hating him - too smug by far! But I've really started to like his performances. Right now, he doesn't need American Idol. He is ready to make his record. David A is so annoying. I love the talent, but no personality. Not a tiny little drop. Jason Castro is in his own world. He has a nice mellow sound to him. I don't think he is the next Idol, but he could make a record. Sayesha gave her best performance. Finally the girl is showing great voice + personality.

Next week Neil Diamond. O dear.

Who I think should go next? I think Brooke is in danger. But I think Sayesha is going to go next. I hope that David A would go. But that will not happen.

My picks for the final 2? David Cooke, and Jason Castro. (I chose Jason because I can't bear David A!)