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Battlestar Galactia - Season Premier

Battlestar Galactica - Season 4

April 4th is D- day for the final season, season 4 of BG. Can't wait.
Last night on the science fiction channel they had 2 back to back 30 minute shows to talk about BG season 4 (no spoilers) and BG the Phenomenon.
I can't wait to see how the final 4 cylon models are going to deal with their new found cylon- dome. What is Kara Thrace? She died in the last season, and then came back. Is she the final cylon model? Remember there are 12 cylon models. Does she really know where Earth is? Is she really going to lead the fleet back to earth? And what happened to her when her ship got destroyed? How can a ship get destroyed, and then she comes back with a new ship? Where did she get it from? Very odd. What is her destiny? To be savior or humanity's destroyer?

Hurry up April 4th.

In the meantime I have Season 1 pack of DVD's to watch and all the reruns on the Scifi channel.

Can't wait.