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You will have probably guessed by now that I would be devastated if my TiVo OR my television packed up or was taken away from me. I know that as a form of entertainment it is pretty low on the totem pole. I mean, read a book, do some exercise, solve a mystery.

My favorite summertime shows are:

1. Hells Kitchen. I adore Gordan Ramsey. I love the way he tells it like it is. He can be a real B***. But when he is being nice, he is angelic. He also doesn't put up with bad quality in the kitchen. I hope that when I eat out that the chef is guarding the quality in his kitchen the way Ramsey does. But maybe only a certain establishment cares whether the food is hot, or cooked properly. We are now down to the final 2 - Rock and the Nanny with the Palate. I think Rock should win. But he seems to lack something when it comes to the execution. My favorite was Julia, the waffle house cook, who just out shone all the culinary school snobs. Super.

2. So You Think You Can Dance?
This is an amazing show. This season the quality of performers and choreographers is outstanding. I will definitely get tickets if they bring the show to Denver. My favorite men right now? Pasha and Danny. My favorite girls? Sabra. I don't like Lacey. I know she is technically good, but I think she lacks emotional depth. Although last night was her best performance - I rather liked her as a mannequin. Tonight is the results show. The man to leave? Must be Neil. Don't like what he does with his shoulders. The girl to leave? Lauren.

3. Design Star
This is an HGTV show that has just begun for this season. I love watching as the characters compete to become the next Design Star. Some of their designs are just atrocious. Style is definitely in the eye of the beholder.

4. The Next Food Network Star
This has ended with my favorite Gourmet Next Door. I do also watch Top Chef as well. I rather enjoyed this one, and look forward to next season.

From the above you can see as certain theme here - mostly competitive reality shows. I've gone off Big Brother and those kinds of set ups. Design and food are my favorite things to watch.