Memorial Day, 2007
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows


It's been slow blogging recently. Yes, I watched American Idol to the bitter end. And yes, I am glad that as I predicted Blake and Jordin were the final two. But I found the entire thing anti climatic. I am starting to feel (only after the 6 season - go figure) jaded by the whole thing. Here's the problem - they all start sounding the same after a while. And Bo - where is my Bo?

The only great thing about it is seeing how drop dead gorgeous Jennifer Hudson looks. Go Jen Go!

And then one of the most riveting spats on TV was the VIEW tiff. Wonderful television. ABC must be desperate to get ratings. Rosie and Elizabeth have one of the funniest and the most incoherent fights on television. I've permanently saved this episode on TiVo. It represents everything that is wrong with political debate in this country. Okay, that's taking it a bit far - but I can picture similar fights going on in families all over the country. For the most part at family get togethers the "hot" buttons are studiously avoided.

What makes it good? We have friendship, loyalty all mixed up with facts and emotions and statements taken out of context, spin and a pinch of the Donald. Who could ask for anything more? And then Rosie decides she is not coming back to the View. Oh dear.

Here's a completely foreign idea: Wouldn't it be good if Rosie and Elizabeth could show us how to agree to disagree, how to have an exchange of ideas without resorting to the most childish of play ground tactics? Sure, have your fight. Get heated, and passionate, and interrupt each other. I don't care. At least its human. Do the name calling, and sulk if you feel like. Then, grow up, come back on, and show us how to discuss your differences. It would make for riveting television.

I bet if they did that then they would win their Emmy.