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American Idol March 27, 2007

The final 10 finalists sing with the help of Gwen Stefanie. She provides good pithy advice, but the whole time she reminds me of Holly (Hef's primary girlfriend on Girls Next Door.) My favorite performance was Blake and Gina. I think Gina keeps improving week after week. I like to see that. And Blake is hip and young and has a cool voice. Television without Pity is overwhelmed with traffic - so our usual post AI forum scan is not going to happen. At least, not tonight.

And of course, the moment we have all been dreading - Sanjaya's performance. Oh dear. Howard Stern please stop your campaign I don't think I can bear to watch another week of this. Sanjaya also wins the weirdest pony mohawk ever. America will never be the same again - Tomorrow, across the nation, tweens will go to transform themselves into Sanjaya look alikes. ARGHHHH!!!

Again fine vocal performances from both Melinda and Lakisha, both decided to shop at the same store. Ugh. I don't think either lady will make it to the finals because while both are excellent vocally they are also old. (Not their age, but the demographic they will appeal to.)

Tomorrow cannot come soon enough.

Will Sanjaya be safe one week longer?

A Nation wonders....

Battlestar Galactia - Season Finale

Television Without Pity's forums are down. Talk about a freak of nature. So I just don't get the chance (snark snark) to read the forums on tonight's BG season finale. Wow! Gaius Baltar, aka Snake gets acquitted because the prosecution can't find enough evidence against him, eventhough the Prez has a pretty strong hunch that he is as guilty as well, sin. The funny thing is that with his acquittal Baltar is allowed to mingle freely with the populace, a significant number of whom can't wait to shove him out the airlocks. And then the weird "music" is explained: only can be heard by the chosen "five". They gather and jump to the conclusion that they are cyclons. All because they hear the same music that no one else can hear. But wait, there are not five, but only four! Who's the fifth? Could it be the Prez, who blanks out just as all the power goes out fleet wide? And then Appollo is back in the cockpit and goes after a boogie, only to find Starbuck, back from the dead, and ready willing and able to guide them all to Earth. She's been there! Sheesh!

American Idol - the saga continues

I am still in shock (hence the delayed posting) of this weeks American Idol. How could they? Stephanie is sent home, but not Sanjaya!!!!

Do you realise what this means? We have another week of him. I have to listen to him again. OHHHH, ARGGGGH the pain of it all.

Meanwhile over at Jon Swift...

Our soldiers are fighting in Iraq so that Americans can stay at home and watch America's best and brightest young talents entertain us on television, not to be subjected to the cynical electoral manipulations of those who mock the principles and ideals this country was founded on. Disturbing images of out-of-tune singers on our televisions could have a devastating effect on the morale of our citizens. And imagine if Americans embraced the philosophy of voting for the worst candidate in presidential elections! It's almost too horrible to think about.

American Idol Top 12

Kevin and I finished watching AI and immediately went to Television without Pity to see what the forums had to say.

I really enjoy AI. Thanks to TiVo we can have long debates.

Sanjaya - Poor kid. I have never had to watch a performer in the top 12 that makes me shudder so. Its horrible to watch yet strangely compelling. How could anyone so bad be in the top12? Come on America - vote the guy off!

Lakisha, Melinda and Jordin - had the best vocals. Commentators on the forums are saying that their flawless performances are getting boring. That's why I think that the eventual winner is not going to be out of the diva bunch.