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Superbowl XLI Commercials

I had a bet with Kevin that although the Colts would win, the Bears would be the first to score. Little did I know that I would be right. The Bears started out the first quarter of Superbowl XLI in fine form with a dizzying return to score a touchdown in the opening seconds of the game. Wow! This was promising to be one of those superbowls.

But Peyton Manning, the Colts quarterback proved to be just too good for the Bears. This was an odd sort of game, dominated by the Colts Offensive team, but for the longest time the score didn't really reflect that dominance. The Colts did battle with a disastrous failed conversion after their first touchdown, and a missed field goal attempt by their Golden Boot, Adam Vinatieri.

Grossman, the Bears Quarterback tried valiantly to remain in the game. But it was not to be. The Colts Defense was simply too strong, and Grossman made too many errors; ball drops, fumbling and inaccurate passing. In the end the Colt's combination of Peyton Mannings' brilliance, and their strong defensive team proved too much for the Teddy Bears from the windy city. The Colts won a convincing 29-17.

The Superbowl commercials this year were not as good as last seasons. I am still left a cold by car commercials. But this year I will make an exception. One car commercial was actually pretty good - the scene: Picture hot babes in the car brand to be advertised. Suddenly the men in the surrounding neighborhood start acting oddly - they are taking off their shirts and rubbing themselves on the car that the ladies are driving. Excellent. (Chevy Car Wash)

We are always interested in what GoDaddy would dream up this year. After last year's ad compaign they have really set the bar. This year's commercial was extremely tame in comparison with previous years. The theme? Everyone wants to work in marketing. Why? Because Marketing has the GoDaddy girls (picture tight and wet T-shirts.)

This year's crop featured the usual suspects - car commercials (ugh) beer commercials - I liked the one with the ragamuffin dog who dreams of riding in the beer parade (Budweiser Dalmation) , and then the other assorted categories. I was struck with horror that the fake cheese makers could have a superbowl advert. But anything goes provided the right price is paid. The commercials that win my prize for creative thinking was (surprise, surprise) the Coke ads. Coke really went to town on some creative pop culture spins. There was the "X Box look a like" ad that turned into an up beat Coke ad. And then there was that amazing one where a guy is using a vending machine to get his Coke - the ad then shows in the most creative way what really goes on in the Vending Machine Kingdom.

Honorable mentions? - The Fedex - office on the moon deserves some mention.

Overall rating: Corporations are definitely playing it safe. Coke's commercials were the only that really showed any kind of creativity. Definitely not as clever as in previous years.