Storm Chaser Convention - February 17th, 2007 UPDATE CONTINUES!
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9th Annual National Storm Chaser Convention - Day 2

The second day of the convention was just as good as the first. The second day was the teaching day, and what amazing teachers: Dr Forbes, Dan McCarthy, Dr Bluestein, Jon Davies, and Mike Umscheid. We learnt about the importance of boundaries (Dr Forbes) for storm initiation and tornadogenesis, Dan McCarthy managed to make skew-T diagrams funny, Howie gave a fascinating presentation about radar analysis and radar developments, and both Mike and Jon gave excellent presentations on tornado parameters and non traditional patterns.

Jon Davies suggested the following routine for forecasting (he stressed the importance of looking at the overall meteorological setting and trying to avoid "bulls eye-itis"):
1. Look at 500mb, surface plots and forecast analysis
2. Note prognosis of upper waves and associated boundaries at the surface
3. Try and determine where storms could form? Use 700mb plots to identify areas of capping.
4. Then look at Tornado Paramaters (CAPE, lapse rates, SRH etc)

Kevin and I left the convention tired. We did not attend the spotter training in the afternoon.

This convention was excellent value for money, with an action packed agenda. I think they should have scheduled 10 minute breaks into the agenda, but on the whole all the presentations were excellent and Tim Samaras and Roger Hill should be commended for organizing an excellent conference.