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Fantasy Canyon Update! Destruction of Tea Pot!

The nice German tourists that Kevin and I met at Fantasy Canyon have emailed me to tell me that the famous Tea Pot is no more.
Here is an excerpt from an email I received:

today we read in a german internetforum regard the USA that the "famous" Teapot in the Fantasy Canyon has get irrevocable destroyed. Some German vistors were there on Saturday, Sep. 16th., didn't found the Teapot and posted this message. In the meantime an other German visitor read this and phoned the BLM Office in Vernal on next Tuesday and got the horrible message that the information is true.

and he refers to some links...

You can find the thread in this forum: Two pictures of the destroyd Pot can be seen in this thread: By the way, in the 2.nd. thread there is a link between the two pictures (found under these words: "aber der Vergleich mit dieser Seite" what means translated: "but in comparison to this page") that goes to ! So this German poster must have seen your picture and information about Fantasy Canyon.

Blast! Kevin and I were planning another trip to Fantasy Canyon, to take another look at the Tea Pot. I think we will definitely go back.

I wonder how it happened?



Oh how sad! It reminds me of the Finger of God in Namibia that I always wanted to see... but collapsed before I ever made it to Namibia. More reasons not to put things off!

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