Fantasy Canyon Update! Destruction of Tea Pot!

Fantasy Canyon UT

We decided over Labor day weekend to head out and do some exploring of Fantasy Canyon, UT. We drove west to Dinosaur, CO and then across the border into Utah. We stayed in a motel in Vernal UT, and made it our base.

Kevin had got some pretty good directions, and we were told that the roads are passable with an ordinary car, except in wet weather, when no one would go anywhere. We travelled through some pretty desolate moonscape.

The roads to Fantasy Canyon are all dirt, but they are well graded thanks to the Gas and Petroleum companies that need to truck tankers in to the gas fields. In full daylight you cannot get lost as the route is well signposted. Night time is another story. On our first trip out there we found the route without too much trouble, and followed the signposts in. We arrived at the Canyon at around noon. The light was incredibly bright and it made everything look flat and bleak. It was hot. We walked around and the light, heat and glare made me giddy.


After an initial explore, and some photos for scouting purposes, we resolved to return at the end of the day when the light would be better.

So we did that. We returned to Fanstasy Canyon at around 4:30pm. Way too early for any serious photography. In fact the best time was the last 45 minutes before sunset. We waited for the light to change and did some further exploring. It was starting to cool down which made it more manageable. I can't imagine what the place must be like in the middle of summer. Unbearable!

Apart from one other couple we were the only people there.

The most famous structure at Fantasy Canyon is the Tea Pot. Michael Fatali has a stunning photo of the Tea Pot with a moon stuck in it.

The first round of semi serious photography we took was at the Tea Pot. The other couple was also positioned there. After a while we started chatting. The couple were from Germany. They had wanted to see the famous Fatali photograph. We soon started chatting and compared different sites and places.

There are an amazing collection of fascinating shapes in the canyon.

The photo below is the famous Tea Pot.


This photo is of Kevin and I. In the background is the famous Tea Pot. I had no idea of the scale of the thing. The Tea Pot is actually quite small, and quite fragile.


It is thanks to Michael and Brigitte Birgit, the German tourists that I took this photograph, with this composition. (Who needs a moon!)


Everywhere you look there are the most amazing shapes and forms.


The best light and the best photos were at the end of sunset, and at structures not far from the entrance. I couldn't resist this gorgeous moon rising up over the Three Sisters, and I loved the shadows in the foreground.


The Witch at Sunset.


After a glorious and intense couple of hours shooting film (I acted as Kevin's Camera Assistant) we got back to our car exhausted, only to find that we had a flat. Luckily we had plenty of help. While Kevin changed the tire, Michael turned his rental so that we had the benefit of their light. Then they graciously followed back all the way back to Vernal.

Thanks Michael and Brigitte! Oops! Birgit We owe you one! (So if you are ever in Denver....)