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On our annual trip to MA to visit Kevin's parents we always try to do something touristy. This is because I haven't seen anything, and at heart I am always a tourist.

So after a wonderful couple of days of catching up with family, and have take out lobster under the trees we decided to go into Boston to do those touristy things.

Here is our cooked take out lobster:


Lobster cannot be complete without corn.


We drove from Concord to Boston and were amazed at how close everything was.

Our first stop was the Boston Museum of Fine Art.


The closest I've come all year to a tornado is this Japanese screen at the Museum of Fine Arts.


I really loved the detail of this falcon.


Photo below - we loved the flying figure over real people standing in line.


Photo below is of Copley Square. Note the blue cow.


We decided we had to try pho in Chinatown. So we drove to the financial district, parked and walked to Chinatown.


In Chinatown we spotted a Vietnamese Restaurant and immediately went inside to sample their pho (vietnamese soup dish). Here Kevin poses with his Pho Ga. (Vietnamese Soup with Chicken.)


After a lot of sampling we still maintain that the best pho is our favorite Pho Duy restaurant in Broomfield, CO.

After stuffing ourselves we decided to catch the subway to Fenway so that I could have my photo taken outside Fenway Park, home to the Red Sox. I was not impressed with the Boston subway. There is no polite way of saying this, but what a dump!

Here I am posed outside Fenway park. Around me Red Sox fans excitedly prepared for the game. The Red Sox did end up losing (again.) Ah! It is hard to be a Red Sox fan.