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And now there are three - The Demise of The View?

As I have said before I am a TV junkie. I watch far too much TV. There, I've said it. Thanks to TIVO I get to select shows that I want. One of my favorite morning shows is The View. 5 women talking about stuff. Its like hanging out with one's girl friends. There was Meredith: witty and quick, Elizabeth (Survivor participant)- young, stuffy and Republican, Star (ex prosecutor and shoe goddess)- glamorous, intelligent and fabulous, Joy - wicked wit and one liners and of course Grandma - Barbara Walters. This was a great mix of different view points and different ages. It worked. For nine (is it really?) seasons it works.

Then, Meredith announces she is leaving to join the Today Show. The View quickly announces that Rosie O (who has guest hosted before) will be joining in September. I think, okay this should be fun. Rosie will mix things up a little. It will be interesting.

And then last week (gasp, shock, horror) Star announces that she will not be returning to the View next season. She is dignified, eloquent and only a little bit sentimental. I could cry. What are we going to do without Star Jones Reynolds? But hey, I'm okay. Everyone loves one another - Right?

Er, not so right. The following morning's View is a shocker. (Gasp!) Barbara Walters, The BW - the Grandma of Female Talking Heads delivers a long lecture about how Star will not be back. You mean we are not going to have a chance to say goodbye? (Wail, wail) The View spent one tiresome week saying their goodbyes to Meredith. Why not Star? Why is one favored and the other not?

Then we hear through the tabloids that Star's contract was not going to be renewed, and Star felt as though she had been "fired". Then we hear of Star not wanting to play by her bosses script for her departure. O woe is me.

And so, then there was three...

For me, an avid fan, it is not the same. I now find BW plain annoying. The chemistry is not the same. Is this the end? Is this the end of the View?
(Tearjerking music plays to fade...)