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2006 Rocky Mountain National Park Artist in Residence

Kevin arrived back from his 2 week artist in residency at Rocky Mountain National Park yesterday. I really did miss him.

The artists are accomodated at the William Allen White Cabin in the park. For over 30 years (1912 to 1943) the cabin was the summer home of William Allen White. White was an influential editor and writer. He was a figure of some influence with friendships with Presidents William McKinley and Franklin D Roosevelt. The cabin was restored with attention to historic detail. The exterior looks exactly as it did when White summered there. However, the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom have been modernized. The Kitchen "Hoosier", the rolltop desk and the hickory rockers (for the front porch) are all original furnishings.

The Hoosier in the Kitchen.


Interior of the Hoosier in the Kitchen.


"What's the Matter with Kansas?" was a piece of writing that brought him national attention. Here is another piece defending freedom of speech written by White in 1922.

As part of the program artists are required to give two public free presentations. Kevin's were on Digital Mosiacs (a method for creating high resolution scenic photographs.) He also demonstrated using his field camera- a nice juxtaposition of the old with the new.

For more information about the Artist in Residence program at Rocky Mountain National Park go here.

This is a digital scouting image that Kevin took of Bear Lake.


Another scouting image of Shark's Tooth. I love the flowers in the foreground and the jagged edge of the Shark's Tooth in the background.


The wildflowers this year were really not good due to lack of spring snow and rains. But the wildflowers that were around were gorgeous. This photo is of a Golden Banner.


My Mom and Dad came up and spent a couple of days with us. This photo is of my Father taking an early morning sunrise of the Moraine Valley.


This photo is taken at Cub Lake with Kevin's field camera in the foreground.


Kevin posing in front of the cabin.


Kevin and I pose in front of the front door.


Posing on the porch rockers.


Sunrise over the Loch.


This is the view behind and above the cabin overlooking the Morraine Valley, and looking directly at the Mummy Range.


Timberline Falls.

Now that Kevin is back we will be reviewing his photos and selecting which one's we think are saleable. For Kevin's website go here.