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RTD Strike

RTD, Denver's Regional Transportation District is how I can get to work each day. Denver is not a City that is hugely dependent on public transportation. But some of us slaves need it. I like not having to think, or deal with the erratic driving of commuters. Sometimes I even nap.
So when RTD drivers voted to go on strike I got a taste of what it is like to commute the 50 miles to and from work every day (roundtrip.) On top of that we had the daylight savings time change. Boy! was I pooped. Then there was the problem of finding parking in down town Denver. Lots filled up fast, and parking fees started rising.
Then there was the strike itself:
RTD had offered a $1.80 per hour increase over 3 years (which works out to a 60 cent increase.) RTD would also offer a 50% contribution to medical insurance. The workers voted and narrowly voted to go on strike. The big issue (for them) is the pay raise and the issue of rising medical insurance costs.
Newspapers reported the workers requesting binding arbitration, and the Governor to intervene. Gov Owens is reported in one local newspaper as comparing workers who go on strike to orphans who murder their parents... (go figure! What a complete tit!)
Then it was reported that RTD had hired security for its contract bus operators. What a nice way of pulling the finger to the striking workers - it is tantamount to saying "we expect things to get ugly, because we are not going to budge"
Today (Friday) workers are voting to accept a new deal which offers more money up front but not more money overall. Newspapers have reported that workers are still unhappy about the new offer, and want to continue the strike. If the vote "succeeds" then workers will return to work on Monday, and services will resume. If not the strike continues, parking lots will continue to fill, and parking fees increase.
The added fly in the ointment is that regardless of how long this strike continues RTD will still make money because 70% of its revenue does not come from bus riding services, but from sales tax revenue.

See this article here at the Rocky Mountain News.