Lesser Prairie Chicken Weekend
Holdrege NE 4/15/06 Report

Lesser Prairie Chicken Viewing Guidelines

Here are the birding guidelines for the viewing of the birds:
1. Arrive at the lek approximately 1 hour before sunrise. Vehicles arriving after daylight may disturb the vehicles as well as others who arrived earlier to view the birds.
2. Be prepared for cold weather
3. Bring binoculars, spotting scope, camera and field guides
4. Observe the birds as long as you like BUT
1. Please sign the register at the viewing area entrance
2. Remain in vehicle at all times
3. Park in designated parking area only
4. Please keep noise to a minimum
5. No overnight camping within 1 mile of viewing area
6. Leave dogs at home
7. It is preferred that no vehicles leave the area until 1 hour after sunrise, or 45 minutes after the birds leave. If you must leave early, drive out of the area as quietly and discreetly as possible.