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4/15/06 Nebraska Report back

Holdrege NE 4/15/06 Report

Kevin and I decided to head out on a storm chase this weekend, even though the forecast looked iffy. I didn't think there would be sufficient moisture. So we headed out for another all night drive, left Denver around 8:30pm and arrived in Lexington NE at about 3am.
We looked at the data this morning and basically gave up.
So we messed around in NE south of Lexington, visiting some places where we always wanted to return: Eustis NE (The Sausage Capital of the World). More on that later.
Now we have decided to explore highway 6 east. We wanted to find a library, or a working wifi hotspot. That is why we are currently in Holdrege NE in the Public Library trying to decide where we should be.
Report from Holdrege: extremely windy, with some really strong bursts. Locals are commenting on the wind. Temperatures are quite toasty. Clouds: High wispy clouds, with some scattered cumulus.
I've checked the data - I think we are too far to the west. The plan: we will head out to the west keeping an eye on sky.
I don't have much hope that this one will turn into anything good - we suspect a bust, but quite frankly I don't care. I am having a whole lot of fun exploring some out of sight places, off the beaten track.