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The Mighty Julius

I come from a family who names cars. One of my earliest memories is of an ancient old tank like the Mercedes that my gran drove and she called her "Henrietta." Henrietta even had a song... "Come on Henrietta, Henrietta, Henrietta, Come on Henrietta, Henrietta, Henrietta". Okay, so it is a bit repetitive but as a child I loved it.
My father had a gorgeous cream 1950's vintage Mercedes sports car that he called "Blondie."
And I have had a "Beetlejuice" (a red Volkswagen Beetle), Sylvester (a red Toyota Conquest) and my present one, Lizzie (a green something or other.)

Needless to say the tradition has continued in our current household, which brings me to Julius, Kevin's Toyota Tercel run around that has been to more places than any other car I know. Julius has driven through snowstorms, on winding rutted roads. He has been a shelter, a place to camp, and a constant companion. (Cue: Violins.)

We have collected some photos of Julius in various situations.
Juliuscar6_img_3961 Here is Julius storm chasing.


And Julius doing some serious off roading...


Julius under some three feet of snow. (March 2003 Snow storm.)


Julius at the camp site at Monument Valley, Navajo Nation.


Julius on the road.


Julius winter driving.