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Saturday Lazy Birdwatching

Ah yes, Spring! Today we had glorious weather. The kind of weather that you just have to get outside. Kevin and I began our lazy birdwatching with a short drive to the St. Vrains State Park where we wanted to buy state park passes. There were loads of people there - fishing, barbeque-ing, and hanging out. We didn't expect to see many birds as there was so much activity. Last year we had a really good sightings of a bald eagle. We saw mostly goosies (yes I know the plural for goose is geese, but these are Canadian geese - there is just something goosy about them.)
Then we drove to Barr Lake for a nice walk. I love the visitors center and the bird feeding station - I always get some good ideas for my garden. I am thinking of ordering plants that are hummingbird & butterfly friendly. Then Kevin and I went for a short walk, slowly watching for birds. There were a number of ducks - gadwells, mallards, a redhead duck, and a coot. We watched a Northern Harrier ride the wind in a dizzying display. I do like the way they soar over the golden fields.
Again lots of goosies, and a sleepy greater horned owl was disturbed from its hiding place. It perched in the sun and blinked sleepily at us.
Kevin had read that a burrowing owl had been seen at the colony nesting site for the first time this season. So off we drove to see whether we could spot it. We didn't. We did see a number of bunnies, and some very fat looking prairie dogs. We listened to the music of the meadowlarks and watched great metal birds land at Denver International Airport.