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Games as Literature

I have been doing some surfing. I go to the Carnival List page, and pick a carnival. Try out Carnival of Games, and this interesting piece on the potential of gaming to be more than some cool explosion or effect - to be more than just a movie; gaming as literature.
In this post literature has 2 elements: an artistic medium, and a medium that emotes. Gaming has the potential for both.
I think that there is no doubt with the improvements in technology and the interactions with game and player that gaming will become an artistic medium. Whether that will be "literature" all depends on your definition of literature. Do you mean simply a written artistic medium? Is any artistic medium literature? Surely an artistic medium will be simply art. Gaming could and probably has developed into art, a highly interactive art form, creating emotions from those involved with it. Great (and not so great) literature can do that - it can be artistic, and it can be emotive. Great moviemaking is like that too - great art, and inspiring strong emotions in the watchers.