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Olympic report back

I am getting close to being all olympicked out. As always the coverage has been excellent - just not enough curling! (Joke: - no offense to curling fans, but curling?... an olympic sport? You have got to be joking!) By far the most exciting events to watch for a sofa radish such as myself are:

Downhill/ alpine skiing. (Downhill, super-G, giant slalom etc)

Freestyle skiing

And anything with snowboarding in it. I just love the snowboarding events. From the half pipe to the snowboarding cross events I find them incredibly TV-genic! Also there is something super cool about these competitors. They are athletes, but they are also incredibly hip and happening. Ultra cool.

I love figure skating, and I have been known to TiVo figure skating competitions. But they haven't grabbed me at this olympics quite as much as last olympics. I am not sure whether it is the new scoring system that they have. There was something so appealing about the perfect 6. I think I may be a little jaded from all the other sports coverage.

Speed skating is also quite exciting to watch. Boy do they go fast. The tension and excitement of the race, coupled with some exciting factors: the competitors jockeying for position, and the inevitable tangles and crashes. Great television and great entertainment.