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iMac thoughts

As I've posted before our newest addition is an iMac OS X on intel. Not only does it look beautiful it performs beautifully. There are some differences coming from a windows environment that I have to get used to.

One slightly annoying problem is that when I am posting on Typepad using Safari (Apple's internet browser) I lose some of the handy dandy icon links - such as links, fonts etc. The work around appears to be to use Firefox. We are going to do some experimentation and report back on whether it works.

The functionality of the various applications are extremely responsive: the iMac has a spotlight function similar to the search function on a windows pc - but the search results are instantaneous. (I kid you not.)

I had trouble initially getting separate or multiple windows when I was searching on the internet. Very annoying. But you simply go to file and select new window or select the apple icon + N on your keyboard, and boom! instant window.

I am not sure whether I will use this function much. It is a screen where mini applications are loaded. For example if you always want to know what the weather is outside you load the mini application onto your dashboard, and with a simple press of a button you get to see it. At present I have the 7 day forecast, the time, date, and a calculator on the dashboard. (The standard settings.) If you want a lava lamp go for it...

iMac comes with mail - I haven't explored that since I have a web based email account which works fine even with the safari web browser.

The coolest thing that I have been experimenting with is Garageband - a way to create/ edit/ mix your own music digitally. Super cool. Garageband 3 comes with a podcasting function. I was playing around with it last night and having a wonderful time. Apparently this podcasting feature is super new. Previous versions of Garageband did not have this feature. Last night I learnt how to import "song" files into a podcast file, that is, create intro music in a song file, and then stick it into your podcast (vocals) files. I am using existing program jingles so that I don't get into trouble with copyright laws.

The word processing functions in the iMac are far more superior to MS Powerpoint and MS Word. The apple version of these is called keynote, and page. It is really artsy desktop publishing.

Of course, we live in a Windows world. How do you communicate with the 95% of the users who don't use Apple? Well iMac apparently can convert its word processing docs to a MS Word format. There are also open source MS Office programs that are available for down load. OpenOffice.org is the open source program we installed on the iMac. (I just love the whole open source movement!)

Kevin installed Firefox browser back and hey presto! my icons are back. Now I can link!

For more info on the iMac X with intel check it out here.