Viva Las Vegas!
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Las Vegas Wedding

We finally have managed to reach civilization where we can get free wifi from our hotel room, without being charged a fortune. That place is Page, Arizona. Las Vegas, weirdly enough does not believe in free wifi. In fact nothing in Las Vegas is free. If they could think of ways to charge you for the air you breathe they would.

I flew in to Las Vegas Airport on Saturday and met up with the Cooksister and entourage. This was my first time to LV. What a place. The scale of it all is quite breathtaking. I have never seen such enormous hotels, and such excess.

6pm the wedding chapel limo arrived to collect us. The ceremony was scheduled for 7pm. Jeanne wore a lovely turqoise dress with beading. She chose a stylish bouquet to match. There were 2 wedding parties before us. What entertainment! I couldn't get excited about this kind of wedding. So quick. Then it was our turn. We had a photo shoot time, and then the renewal ceremony began.

I took pictures during the ceremony. I was oddly moved by it. This was a Las Vegas ceremony. A place of Elvis impersonators, and quickie unions. Ugh. But the words suddenly became meaningful. Both Jeanne and Nick spoke beautifully. And that made all the difference.




Hey Sal

Glad you could make it and glad you enjoyed it! It was a truly surreal but hugely enjoyable experience - you should see the video!! :o)

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