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Pepperdew Report Update

I received a comment about Pepperdews on a previous post. Here is the response:

"Pepperdew is the first new fruit to be discovered in 25 years.  It is grown in the Limpopo region of South Africa and is imported into the UK where it is sold in most supermarkets.

The fruit itself is naturally spicy, but also sweet and it is packed in a salt/ sugar /vinegar /brine- 

The plant is quite peculiar in as much that it grows very tall and bushy, the fruits develop from capicum like flowers are green then turn balck and then turn red, when they are picked by hand.  A necessity due to the different stages of crop growth on the plant at any one time.

Hope that helps

Gillian "

Kevin and I found Peppadews in a South African store in Provincetown on our recent trip to Massachusetts. I have been really behind in posting on our trip. Blogging will resume soon and it will include photos (I promise.)


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