Roadtrip Live Blogging
Roadtrip live blog Night 2

Roadtrip live blog continues...

Our Motel room was comfortable, and we slept like logs.

I have the Weather Channel playing in the back ground. I watched 2 very funny Superbowl quality adverts: the first was for a Bail Bondsman company. Unintentionally very funny. The second was advertising a hardware store (I think) and it showed men scurrying around erecting a fence around the presenter and his hunting dog who had to have her honor protected. It climaxes with the completed fence, and hundreds of male dogs clamoring to get in. It even has a determined Jack Russell like dog launching itself at the fence. Too funny. And very clever!

Now we gather all our things, while tuning in to the Weather Channel. Looks like some exciting weather in Florida. I experienced my first tornado in Florida, near Jacksonville - it was not pleasant. Poor visibility. Really crappy. (I love using technological terms!)

I am not sure when we are next going to find a connection to post again. Since this is Easter weekend most places will be closed. But we plan to head out to the Palo Duro Canyon State Park. And then who knows?


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