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Easter Weekend Plans & Prairie Chicken Dances

For many this weekend is going to be a time of chocolate and sugar overload, of Easter Egg hunts (never been very good at those... even as an adult) and a good excuse for overeating again.

Kevin and I have been planning for some time a trip to witness the Lesser Prairie Chicken's mating ritual. Wray has tours on private land to watch the Greater Prairie Chicken. For details of the Wray Tours go here. But we have decided to boldly venture forth to south eastern Colorado to try and track down the Lesser variety in the hopes of catching them in their display.

Weather will not stop our quest. (It is cold and soggy - due to a storm system that has breezed through bringing with it snow, and who would believe it?- Rain.) We hope that neither snow nor rain will stop the Male Lesser Pairie Chicken's dance. Not even the rising suicidally expensive gas prices will stop us!

We leave tomorrow morning first thing. I'll blog a full report of activities on our return. Will the Chickens Dance? (A Nation Wonders...)

For more info about the Prairie Chicken mating display go here. And here


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