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Bald Eagle

A few posts back I spoke about Bald Eagles, and the Emperor's new clothes. To prove what a good sighting we had of a Bald Eagle (in Boulder County not Larimer County) here it is:

Eagle_8894 Like I said: these birds are one of the easiest to spot. Just look out of a large blob, with a white head and a white tail. Isn't this one gorgeous? He (I have no idea with the eagle is a girl or a boy) was about approximately 200 feet away from the road. If you want precise directions please email me, as I don't want to cause any traffic jams, or to cause the Emperor to lose his clothes...

(End of Snark Alert)

Having said that, let me just add emphatically that any sighting of a Bald Eagle is exciting. More than one- even better. The Cherry on the Top would be breeding Bald Eagles!!! Check out Barr Lake - last year we saw a bunch of Bald Eagles including Immatures. Here's a link to information about the Bald Eagles at Barr Lake.


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