Tim Marshall's Chase Season 2004
Last live blog post for the day

Tim Samaras' presentation (live blogging continues)

Tim Samaras give his presentation on the latest in In-Situ tornado measurements. Tim has been interviewed on Oprah about this and the National Geographic has also featured this. Tim created an instrument called the HITPR (Hardened In situ Tornado Pressure Recovery). It looks like a squat cone, painted in cheerful orange color. The first deployment occured in 2003. Second deployment ocurred May 15th, 2003. The tornado crossed over the probe for the first time, and for the first time in situ readings were collected. In 2004 Tim constructed his probe with 7 video cameras, that is 6 cams cover 60 degrees making up a 360 degree view. The 7th camera is for the vertical observation, mounted in the tip of the cone. Tim calls this probe the "Media Probe". The video can be used to calculated debris velocities of up to 100 miles/ hour approx 12 inches above the ground. Photogrammetrics are used to calculate the velocities by separating frame to frame. Slow the video down can help identify objects. Tim showed us some video of deployment (pretty hairy stuff) and video from the probes. The slow downed version showed various farming implements and other debris in the tornado.

This video and presentation was informative. They certainly got very close to the tornado. I told Kevin - No way. We are not getting that close!


please put some rainX on your camera pod windows it will improve the image

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