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Events of 2004 (Live blog continues)

Pre Lunch speakers live blog continues...

My computer's battery started to run low so we decided to charge the battery in the mid morning break until lunch time. We are just returning from our lunch break. Conference is to resume at 1pm.

Since last entry we had 3 presentations.

The first was a commercial from Compusa telling us about technology of the future. He basically said that WiFi was the future. I think WiFI should be provided free of charge by retailers, or whatever as an added customer service. I love WiFi. In fact thanks to the joys of WiFi I am using that as we speak.

Jon Davies gave a very informative presentation about Tornado Forecasting Parameters. He emphasized the importance of taking into account various different models, and methods, and not relying too heavily on any one method in particular. He also talked about scenarios where his parameters are not applicable such as cold core tornados or non supercell tornados. Very good presentation.

The next presentation was from BNVN (Breaking News Video Network) who gave us a taste of their 2004 Severe Weather and Hurricanes DVD. I personally got bored with seeing wind cowboys playing in the Hurricane. But hey, if that is what floats your boat- knock yourself out. It is not why I storm chase. I have no interest in filming myself or Kevin fooling around in severe weather, or storm surfing either.

Kevin and I had a debate about this issue during our lunch break. Here's the thing: by using storm footage as the means of commerce and communication with the wider public don't storm chasers do themselves a disservice? Where is the respect for the phenomena? Where is the gravity? After all many many people lose their lives, livelihoods and loved ones.


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