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Christmas hoax, Lafayette CO: Updated

There once was a man from Lafayette

Who had a website most terrific

Alek gave Christmas lights and views

that made the national news

And his hoax brought Christmas spirit.

Alek Komarnitsky, a computer geek and (some would say genius) from Lafayette, CO engineered an elaborate hoax that was unveiled after Christmas. Alek said that he was only hoping to spread some Christmas spirit and hopes that those who were duped (i.e. all of us) were not upset.

The hoax involved Alek's website which was set up with webcams of his elaborately lit house. Alek claimed that website visitors could switch his christmas lights on and off and watch it happen on the internet. The hoax was that the lights in reality did no such thing. Alek had crafted fake webcam images that simulated lights turning on and off (among other things.)

For a full explanation of what Alek did check out his website here.

I guess I am not feeling too outraged about his deception. I am just amazed that anyone would go to so much trouble. What this does highlight is how easy it is to make things appear legitimate on the internet. His genius lies in the hoax (although it would have been pretty cool anyway!)

Update: FYI Lafayette is approximately 10 minutes away from where I live. Pretty cool to be so close to a hoax!

National Storm Chaser Convention 2005

The 7th Annual Storm Chaser Convention 2005 is on again February 19th- 20th, 2005. We went last year and really enjoyed it. It really is a nice way to meet other storm chasers and learn lots.

They had a packed agenda with loads of good speakers giving really technically sound presentations. In the evening there is a banquet and afterward we watched chaser videos of various close encounters. The Convention continues the following day for half day of more presentations.

Check out the link to it here.

Cabbage Blogging

Since I got back I have been trying to get slowly back into the swing of things. It has been a little shock to the system going from 90 degree F weather in sunny South Africa and then having to brave 9 F weather yesterday on my way to work. I was not a happy bunny rabbit.

I have also been slowly revisiting some old friends. I really enjoy Ann Althouse I was browsing through her blog and came across this entry about Cabbage Blogging.

What will be next?

I am back!

I haven't been blogging for a while because I went back to South Africa. I did not have time to do any live blogging from there. I must say it feels really nice to be back home!

The weather in sunny SA was glorious! Now I have to get used to subzero temperatures again.

Blogging will resume shortly...