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Moose Spotting and Lake Agnes

lakeagnes_IMG_2700After we left the Fox Park, WY star party we decided to head south to Colorado and Lake Agnes for a picnic and some moose spotting. Stop at the Moose Visitor's Center first. The restrooms are really nice, and the center has a good and informative display about the local fauna and flora. They also have a life size stuffed moose to give one some idea of the size of these creatures. I had no idea how enormous they are. Also moose can be quite fierce and should not be approached. (There is always some crazy who gets himself injured, or worse killed.)
The Visitor's center has good maps, and weather info. It also keeps track of where moose have been spotted. This is good to know and can help with moose spotting.
The route to Lake Agnes is well marked and sign posted. The dirt track to the trail head is quite rutted, but most vehicles should be able to manage it. The parking lot is quite small and large SUV's tend to take up quite a lot of space. There is a picturesque log cabin, which is always locked up, and a reasonable long drop. There is a comfortable wooden picnic table and a view of a long green meadow which is easy on the eyes. The trail to Lake Agnes is 0.8 mile. But the elevation gain is quite steep. It shouldn't take more than an hour of slow walking, with frequent stops for air, and water. Fitter people would scamper up this path in next to no time. Going down is quite quicker and easier.

Lake Agnes is set at the edge of the forest. Two thirds of its banks are made of steep talus scree. There are trees and fallen down logs on the shore closest to the trail. These make a comfortable resting spot. Camping is not permitted, and dogs are required to be leashed. The lake has trout, and we saw a number of fisherman out and about. The Never Summer Mountain range borders the far shores of the lake. They are impressive in their bleakness.

After a good couple of hours enjoying the serenity of Lake Agnes we returned to our cars, and then continued along the main road. Watch out for moose feeding in the willows. We saw a moose and her calf quite plainly as well as a lone cow alongside the road. Of course these creatures create instant traffic jams. So watch out for cars, and traffic clueless people.

Here is a link to read more about Lake Agnes, and the moose reintroduced in Colorado. Also check out this.


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