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Why Blog?

It has been a while since my last post. The reason for this is that I think of this blog as my "roadtrip" blog. So I only post after we have completed one of our roadtrips or adventures. It has been a while. A reason for this post is to mark the occasion of a brand new blog started by my friend Jeanne in London. I started Jeanne on the blogging scene, and she in turn introduced me to a whole new area of blogging: food blogging. Yes! I kid you not! There are countless blogs out there that describe in mouth watering details meals that have been cooked, or eaten, restaurants enjoyed. Amazing.

So WELCOME cooksister Check her website out.

This brings me to the ultimate question. Why Blog? This media is a truly liberating. Many have written about the phenomena and I am not going to try and come close to an eloquent reason. Blogging means writing whatever you want, when you want, about what you want. It connects people in a way never before. I am excited about its possibilities.

Long live Blogging!!

So everyone who doesn't have a blog I urge you - go out and start one now! Try either Blogger or Typepad. I prefer Typepad. There are others I am sure.

What are you waiting for?